This guide will show you how to manage stock levels of individual products within Woocommerce. The exact method for managing stock levels varies based on the type of product, and whether it is a simple product or a variable product. Simple products being a product that has no variations such as a Football or a hammer. While variable products have multiple SKUs to accommodate different options such as colour and size.

To complete this guide you will need to be logged into WordPress, our logging to WordPress guide can be found here.

Step 1. Once logged into WordPress, hover over the "Products" menu found on the lefthand side menu. From the submenu that appears select "All Products" by clicking or tapping.


Step 2. From the new screen that appears, find the product who's inventory you would like to update, noting the search field on the top right of the page. Once you have found the product you want to update, however over the products name and then click or tap on it.


Step 3A. This step is for updating a simple product's inventory. Skip to step 3B if you want to update a variable product. From the new page that has loaded scroll until you reach the section shown in the screenshot below with the small heading "Product Data". By default, the inventory tab should already be selected. From the inventory tab, make sure "Manage Stock" is enabled by ticking it's enable box. You can then adjust the "stock quantity" to update your inventory level. Proceed to step 4.


Step 3B. This step is for updating a variable product's inventory. Skip to step 4 if you have updated a simple product already. From the new page that has loaded scroll until you reach the section shown in the screenshot below with the small heading "Product Data".

Select "Variations" from the menu/tabs found in this section of the page as shown in the screenshot below. Once the variation tab is loaded, you need to select a variation to edit by clicking on it so that it's settings expand. Then tick "Manage Stock" if the setting's tickbox is not already enabled. You can then update the "Stock Quantity" for that SKU, once done remember to click or tap "Save Changes" for that individual variation's tab as shown in the screenshot below (point of interest 4). You will need to repeat the process for each variation by tapping and expanding it's settings panel.


Example of moving between variations by hovering over a different tab variation and left-clicking to expand or close:


Step 4. Once you have finished updating the product's stock level(s), scroll to the top of the page, and click or tap the blue "Update" button found on the right-hand side of the screen.

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