You can set a date and specific time for a page or post to be made live to the public on your WordPress website using the following setups. This method works for both standard (Gutenberg editor) WordPress pages and posts, as well as those created with Elementor.

Note this guide only references steps to schedule a page to go live at a set date and time, but the same steps can be replicated for posts by completing the same steps, but on the "Posts" menu item.

Step 1. From the WordPress admin dashboard, hover over "Pages" in the vertical black menu on the left of the screen. From the dropdown menu that appears on hover, click or tap "All Pages". 

Step 2. From the new page/screen that appears,  find the page you wish to schedule and hover over it. Below the page's name, a set of horizontal links/options will now appear, click or tap "Edit"

Step 3. On the new screen, look to the right of the screen to the descending bar of options, and find the section with the small bold heading "Status & Visibility", under this section find and click on the date and time, which will be opposite "Publish". Select the new desired date and time for the post to be made live. Now click or tap the standard blue "Update" button to save the changes.

You have now scheduled your page or post.

Note that to test the date and time change, you must not be logged in as an admin when you attempt to access the page's URL.

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