All email services work by receiving, storing and sending emails on one or more servers dedicated to the task. When an email user goes to interact with their email service they do so through an email client such as Outlook or Thundermail.

But email clients can also be web-based rather than desktop or mobile device based. This is broadly called Webmail because it takes the email client from being based on a device to being accessed through a web browser. When you access your Gmail account via your browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, this is a form of Webmail.

The level of security does not change if you access your emails via webmail or a desktop computer for example. While in many respects security is enhanced because it eliminates risks such as computer theft or malware facilitating access to your business's email data. This is because once you log out of Webmail, no email data is left on the device.

For email services with AIC Technologies, webmail is provided either through our IMAP webmail solution or via Exchange's OWA webmail interface. These are both highly secure solutions that aggressively encrypt email data both in situ on the email server as well as in transit. This means that without the correct password(s) your email data cannot be viewed.

While Microsoft Outlook is the preferred method for viewing business emails, Webmail is increasingly the preferred method of access and has several benefits beyond security. The biggest of which is that no software is needed to access emails on your devices, and no configuration is required. This reduces IT costs and also makes providing support easy, as all issues can be troubleshot remotely.

Both Webmail and Desktop email clients can be used alongside one another and will be kept in sync with each other.

You can log into your email account's webmail using the link below:

All that is required is your email account's normal username (email address), and password.

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