Step 1. Open Micorosft Outlook on the computer experiencing the issue

Step 2. Tap or click File from the top left-hand side of the Outlook window

Step 3. From the menu options that appear, select "Options"

Step 4. From the new settings panel that appears select "Advanced"

Step 5. Under the new Advanced settings options under the "Other section" tick to enable "Enable troubleshooting logging", then tap or click the Ok button.

Step 6. Restart Outlook

Step 7. Wait for the issue to occur

Step 8. Review the Microsoft guide here for the required method for viewing the log specific to your email account type. i.e. Exchange, IMAP etc.

Note: Enabling logging will result in an enabled notice in the Outlook Window Bar to the end user. For extended logging sessions, ensure that the client is notified and that adequate space is available on the hard drive for the logging to occur, we suggest 1GB of free space as a minimum on the Windows drive.

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