For clients who have an ongoing issue with emails from particular companies or persons going to their spam folder, the following solution can be used to reduce the frequency of the problem, often resolving it completely.

To whitelist an email sender who has wrongly been marked as junk/spam in Outlook, complete the following steps:
  1. Find an email from the person or company you want to whitelist, and right-click on it, so that a dropdown menu appears. 
  2. From the drown down menu, hover over the "Junk" menu option/menu item, a new submenu should now appear.
  3. Next, choose either "Never block sender" or "Never block sender's Domain" by left-clicking on either option.
  4. A prompt/confirmation will now appear, select "ok"
  5. Repeat the above process for any other senders with the same issue.
Note that we would always recommend whitelisting individual email addresses rather than whole domains for improved security.
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