This guide is advanced and is intended for IT partner usage only. Note also that this is for Exchange accounts that are tenanted through Microsoft and not for dedicated Exchange products that are hosted externally from Microsoft.

It is recommended that prior to using this guide that you attempt to log into the affected Exchange account via a browser to eliminate issues relating to username and password.

Once you have validated the username and password, attempt a manual setup via the Windows Control Panel by going -> control panel -> Mail (Outlook 2016). For the server address use

Isolate Possible Machine Specific Issues:

To help isolate possible issues with a specific device go to

Isolate Possible External Issues:

To help isolate issues external to a computer go to If any tests ran detect an issue please open a ticket for us that mentions the test(s) that failed and we will resolve the issue ASAP.

We recommend testing both of the tests under "Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests" as shown below.

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