The following guide will assist you to add a custom email signature to your iPhone or iPad using the standard iOS email client. The guide should work with multiple versions of Apple's iOS but is only tested to work with iOS 11+.

Step 1. Open your email app on your phone or tablet, and source the email we have sent you containing your custom email signature.

Step 2. Once the email is open, press and hold down on the beginning of the signature such as the start of the kind regards park. Using the two dark blow lines that appear, drag the right one to the end of your signature, then select copy.

Step 3. From your iPhone or iPad's home screen, open your app tray, and tap the settings icon. From the new settings menu, select "Mail, Contacts, Calander".

Step 4. From the new settings menu, tap "Signature", then tap "per account" from the new screen.

Step 5. Below the per account option should now be a list of email accounts on your device, such as Gmail, and your business email account, tap on the email account you desire to add your email signature to.

Step 6. With the desired email account selected, you should now have the keyboard visible, tap and hold on the text area, until a horizontal menu appears, from the menu tap paste.

Step 7. Now tap back to "Mail, Contacts and Calander" on the top left, once done, you can return to your home screen or the mail app itself.

You should now have your custom email signature automatically added to the bottom of all emails composed on your iPhone or iPad.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know.

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