Logging in to your website is achieved by visiting your WordPress dashboard URL.

Please note that you should not provide your login details to 3rd parties. Instead, contact us to have either temporary or permanent login details created for each separate 3rd party that requires access to your WordPress website.

Follow these steps below to login into your website's WordPress's dashboard:

  1. Visit the WordPress Dashboard URL at:


    (where YOURDOMAIN is the domain of your business's website)

    If you installed WordPress to a sub-directory, then it would be:


    (where /blog is whatever sub-directory path where WordPress was installed to, this is very rare)


  2. Login to WordPress with your username and password.

Note that if you have forgotten your login details you have the option of resetting your password via email. However, you will need access to the specific email account associated with your business's WordPress login details. This will normally be the email address of our nominated point of contact at your organisation and can sometimes be a private email address such as a Gmail or Bigpond address.

If you do choose to reset the password of your WordPress account remember that it is a violation of our terms of service to set an insecure password. Therefore ensure that any new password is unique and not used anywhere else, and includes both numbers as well as symbols.

If you cannot obtain access to your WordPress website for any reason, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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