Installing the plugin

The plugin can be added to any WordPress website via FTP.

Once logged into the target site's hosting instance via FTP using a program such asĀ FileZilla. Place the plugin's files in the typical place. That is, wp-content -> plugins.

Configuring the plugin

Once all files have been uploaded, return to the target website's WordPress dashboard, confirm that the plugin is activated via the plugins page.

Next, Navigate to Settings->PeachAPI Settings via the lefthand side menu. On the new screen/panel appears enter the details provided by Peach, that is your API Key, and your server address. Then press "Save"

A green notice should now appear "API settings updated successfully."

Configuring Cron (Setting Automatic Sync Interval)

As a final step, a cron must be set up to allow the plugin to automatically function at scheduled times. This can be done on the server-side, for example, through cPanel. However, in this example, we will be adding the desired cron via a WordPress plugin.

From the Plugin directory, install and active the plugin "WP Crontrol" by John Blackbourn & contributors.


Other similar plugins can be used but the exact format of the cron provided may need to be adjusted, or entered in a different manner.

With the plugin installed and active, navigate to Tools->Cron Events via the black navigation bar on the left hand of the screen.

On the new panel, click "Add New", and on the new screen, give the hook the exact name "hook_peachapi" and then set the Recurrence to "Once Hourly". Then click "Add Event". The recurrence interval can be reduced or increased, but in most usage cases every hour should be appropriate.


For the sync to work all products and their variants must have their SKUs entered and matched with those on your business's Peach server.

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