How to enable wholesale order syncing

The wholesale order syncing feature can be enabled from the Peach Sync plugin's settings page. 

Step 1. Navigate to the plugin's settings page, which can be found under the standard WordPress admin menu, under "Settings" > "PeachAPI Settings". From the plugin's settings page, select the "Order Sync" tab.

Step 2. On the "Order Sync" tab, set "Enable Order Sync for Wholesalers" to "Yes". 

Step 3 (Optional). You can enable wholesale order notifcations under the same tab under the "Enable Email Order Notifications" section. To do so, tick "Enable Notification", then set the email addresses intended to receive the notifications, as well as customise the email subject line as desired. For each email address that you add, add a comma between each email address, i.e. ",".

Step 4. Click or tap the blue "Save" button.

You have now enabled wholesale order syncing.

How to enable ordering syncing for individual customers

Wholesale ordering syncing will only work for customers who have a wholesale user profile/account type, and where the customer's Peach account number is present for that user.

The process below outlines the process for enabling wholesale order sync for individual customers one at a time, but users can be created in bulk by importing via CSV.

To enable wholesale order syncing for an individual existing user, skip to step 4.

Step 1. From the WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to "Users" in the left-hand sidebar and hover over it. From the dropdown menu that appears select "Add New".

Step 2. From the new screen/page, provide the new user with a username and email address. Consider unticking "Send User Notification" to avoid prematurely notifying a customer of their new account. 

Step 3. On the same page, locate the dropdown menu option "Role", and from the dropdown menu select "Wholesale Customer". Now click or tap the blue "Add New User" button at the bottom of the settings panel.

Step 4. After clicking or tapping save, you will be redirected to the "All Users" page. From here, locate the "Search Users" bar/field on the top right of the list's page. Enter the email address of the previously added user in step 3, and click "Search Users". From the search results that appear, locate the desired new user, hover over their name, and from the new options that appear below their name, select "Edit".

Step 5. The new user's profile page should now be loaded with additional settings since last seen in step 3. From the new options present, scroll until you find the "PeachApi Settings" heading.

Step 6. Under the heading, enter the customer's peach account code in the "User Code" field, and then change "Send Order" to Yes from the drop down options if not already selected.

Step 7. Scrolling to the bottom of the user's settings page, click or tap the blue "Update User" button. You should now see a notification at the top of the page saying "User updated".

You have now enabled wholesale order syncing for the user.

Notes and Current Limitations

For an order to successfully be synced to a user's account in Peach, both a billing and a shipping address must be provided when an order is placed. In a future version of the plugin this will likely be resolved.

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