For businesses that have new staff, or that have had a change of ownership, the best way to provide new contact details for your account is by logging into your existing billing account using the link below:

Once logged in, you will see the current primary contact details for the account on the right of the screen, under "Your info". To update these details, simply tap or click "Update".

On the new page/interface, simply update contact details as required, taking care to press or tap "Save" once done at the bottom of the page. Once done, you should see a notice saying "Changes Saved Successfully!"

You have now updated your contact details. For new owners of a business, we now recommend that you please check the "Payment Methods" page, findable on the left-hand side menu for any unwanted credit/debit card details.

If you would like to add a new credit card, simply tap or click "Add New Credit Card" and follow the prompts. These details can then be used for the payment of any future ongoing service invoices automatically.

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