As part of our billing system we offer the capacity for customer's to provide their credit card information via our our billing management system to allow for automatic payment of services.

Security and Financial Information Handling

We do not collect credit card information from you via phone or email, or any other communication medium. Credit card information can only be inputted by you via our billing platform. Once inputted, we store the last 4 digits of your credit card, with the actual credit card number being stored by our payment gateway provider Stripe in an encrypted format. We are then able to charge the card using a unique token issued to us by Stripe. This means that we are not handling your credit card information once it is passed off to Stripe.

Automatic Charging and Processes

When you provide us with a credit card we will anatomically charge you on the due date of an invoice typically 14 days after being issued. By default, automatic charging of a credit card is limited to an invoice of less than $499 in value. This is done to make a delineation between our ongoing services, and 1 time services such as a part or whole payment toward a website for example.

Email Communications

Once an invoice is generated you will receive an automatic email from us containing the invoice as well as its due date, and what the default payment method for the invoice is, if the default payment method is a bank transfer for example, you will not be charged via Credit Card, and will be required to make a manual payment or update your billing information for that specific service.

You will then receive a reminder that the invoice is due in 3 days. On the due date, your credit card will be charged, and you will be provided with a payment confirmation email, as well as a receipt from Stripe.

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