To register a domain name yourself, you need to log in to our service management platform.


If you encounter any issues logging in, try our troubleshooting guide


1. Once logged in, navigate to Domains from the top navigation menu.


2. On the new screen, click the "Add New" button.


3. Searching for your new domain name ????

On the new screen, in the search box labelled "Find your new domain name", enter the domain you would like to register. For example, or Upon initiating the search, the system will notify you if the domain is available to register.


Note: Only popular domain names will be available via this interface, if you require a speciality domain, or would like assistance finding a substitute one, please contact us and we will be happy to assist with completing an order on your behalf.



If the desired domain is available, click "Add to Cart", and repeat the search process for any additional domain names that you want to obtain prior to checking out.


When ready to complete the purchase, click the "Continue" button found on the bottom right of the screen.


4. Completing the registration ????

On the next screen titled "Domains Configuration", you have the option to configure a domain to connect to a 3rd party service straight away. If unsure, tick "DNS Management" and "ID Protection", and scroll past "Nameservers", and click or tap "Continue"


Note One: Different details will be required depending on the domain name(s) being registered.


Note Two: Both your Registration ID, and Eligibility ID is typically your ABN or ACN. An example of where your eligibility ID would be different is where the overarching company may be called "Wilson Family Trust Pty Ltd", but the domain is being registered based on a trading name for a specific brand or operation such as "Tassie Timber Express". When in doubt, simply enter your business's name and ID as the eligibility name, and ID even if it is a repetition of your registration ID etc.


5. Reviewing your payment details and checking out ????

On the next screen, review your contact details, and select your payment option. Then after reviewing the terms and conditions, tick the agree box, and then press "Checkout"


Note: Unless an instant payment option is selected, your domain will not be registered automatically until your payment is confirmed.


6. Payment and confirming registration ????

Depending on your payment method, you will now see a confirmation screen or an invoice. But in some instances, the order may manually be reviewed by us prior to processing.


For a credit card or PayPal order, the domain should be registered quickly once the order is accepted by us.


For orders where the payment option is a bank transfer, we recommend paying the invoice as soon as possible to finalise the domain's registration. For the funds to clear and be processed by us may take up to 4 business days.


7. Domain Regisration Complete ✅

Now that you have completed the payment, you should have a confirmation of registration in your inbox, and the domain should also be present in your account.


Note that the yellow text highlight of the domain is a result of the screen capturing process, and this highlighting will not be present in your registration email.

Note: The yellow text highlight of the domain is a result of the screen-capturing process, and this highlighting will not be present in your registration email.


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