1. Acceptance

A customer will be deemed to have accepted this acceptable use policy as well as our privacy policy when:

  • An order is placed either electronically or over the phone


  • A quote is accepted


  • A proposal is accepted


As a customer, you accept that you will be responsible for ensuring that all services and products, as well as the data contained within them, are in compliance with this policy at all times.

2. Unacceptable Content, Data & Material

The customer may not store, transmit, distribute or utlising our services for anything that we deem to be illegal or what we interpret to be generally offensive in nature. AIC Technologies will refer any illegal content to the relevant state or federal law enforcement agency immediately.

3. Prohibited Use

In addition to terms in section 2. of this policy, we further prohibit the following:

  • The use of a service for the purpose of backing up external content that is not related to the effective backing up of the primary website of the service.


  • Storing or using more than 5GB of allocated space for the purpose of email storage or backup.


  • The use of our service to facilitate any transaction relating to gambling & financial services (excluding accounting, bookkeeping, advisers, and any banking service we consider to be conventional in nature).


  • We reserve the right to terminate a service that threatens the AIC Technologies brand or the values of it’s staff.


4. Security

The Customer acknowledges that they are solely responsible for what is hosted from and stored in the Service.

5. Spam & Bulk Email

The Customer warrants that they will not knowingly use the Service for sending any unsolicited email or any unsolicited bulk email (commonly known as spam).

6. Backups

Any shared cPanel web hosting Service that exceeds 10GB in size per cPanel Service will be automatically excluded from all backup routines and rotations. In this case, AIC Technologies may notify the Customer via email and give them the option to:

  • Remove any data that is not needed and bring the total storage back to being under the
    10GB limit, allowing the Service to be re­introduced to the backup routine and rotation;


  • Purchase the Extended cPanel Backup add­on for a nominal monthly fee which raises
    the limit to 20GB per cPanel Service;


  • Continue without AIC Technologies taking backups and rely solely on their own backups
    for all disaster recovery scenarios.




Description of Change


March 4, 2018

Updating of AUP to reflect current product names and inclusions


June 12, 2018

Updating of AUP content formatting


September 11, 2018

Updating of gambling & financial services prohibited use terms to include allowances for conventional banking services.


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