To make a backup of your email account and it's data in Outlook 2019 and earlier versions use the guide below:

Step 1. Open Outlook, locate the desired email account you wish to back up on the left-hand side sidebar, and right-click on the name of the email account, and from the menu that appears, left click "Open File Location".


Step 2. With the new file explorer window open, locate the file called your email account i.e. Next close outlook completely, taking care to make sure Outlook is not minimised in the task draw on the bottom right of the screen next to the date and time.


Step 3. Returning to the file explorer window, right click on the email account's file and select "Copy".


Step 4. Navigate to where you would like to store the backup file such as your desktop. Once there, right click and select "Paste".

Depending on your computer's age and the size of your email data file, this may take several minutes to complete. A progress bar will appear unless the file is very small.


Once the file transfer is complete, you have now made a backup copy of your email data which can be restored at a later date if required.

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